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Samsung Galaxy X Rumors, Specs, Price & Release Date

“Samsung Galaxy X” the mysterious smartphone of Samsung is to be launched in 2018, being the subject of several bendable leaks, fold able patents and flexible rumors.

More recent news comes directly from Samsung’s mobile boss, as he claims the company is aiming for a 2018 launch, assuming it can overcome certain unspecified problems. A phone with a model number is referred to the Galaxy X also now has its own support page on Samsung’s site. Samsung has finally managed to manufacture a fold-able phone display, and is working on prototype devices which unveiled couple of months ago.

Design & Specification: 

Samsung Galaxy X is essentially rumoured to support two screen which will make the first debut in such kind. The possible interface of the Galaxy X, revealing a familiarity Samsung UI, where each half of the display shows a different screen, rather than just a flat screen making everything bigger or smaller.

The display was described as being able to detect the various ways users bend the screen, including the folding angle or curvature. This would allow the flexible display to automatically adjust the image so it would be presented accurately.

This design interface leaked in a patent, which gave us another look at the possible design of the phone, showing a laptop-like design but a second screen where the keyboard would be. The phone will fold in some way, possibly using a flexible OLED panel and some kind of segmented design. This design could allow the handset to switch between smartphone and tablet form factors, and perhaps even a wearable option, too.

Samsung Galaxy X Price

It is rumored that Samsung will be limiting the initial production of Galaxy X smartphones, it’s likely that the phone would be expensive. As the sibling smartphone Note 8 started at $929, it is also rumored that the Samsung Galaxy X will be launched at a price more that thousand dollars. Speculating on the price is very difficult at this stage, we will be updating on the price if there is any official updates.

Samsung Galaxy X Release Date

Recent rumors indicate that fold-able handsets will be in manufacturing process by the end of 2017, and that prototypes are already well in progress. However, there’s no firm release date for the supposed Galaxy X smartphone.

So, this rounds up the rumors and leaks about the mysterious smartphone “Samsung Galaxy X”. Samsung is trying to innovate a new form factor in the smartphone line-up. Let us know in the comments section below, what do you feel about the New Samsung Flagship? Would you pay more than one thousand dollars to purchase this smartphone?