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Vivo reveals in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone


Vivo reveals in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone: Vivo presents at the CES 2018 in Las Vegas the first “in-display fingerprint scanner” in the world, and officially, the Chinese company adapts to the description made by Synaptics while showcasing their latest technology. A “fresh” but motivated and rapidly growing global smartphone brand, Vivo will tell us more about the revolutionary device presented at the Consumer Electronics Show “early in 2018”.

After years of improbability, production problems, last-minute drama and the anxiety of smartphone manufacturers, a happy conclusion of the fingerprint scanner on the screen is finally on the possibility. Really, this time, even if you did not follow the news recently, the name of the OEM manufacturer to start this little revolution could surprise you completely.

Vivo In-build fingerprint sensor model

Information on availability and prices is not yet official as well as the phone’s full specifications, but the thing is continually described as “ready for mass production” in Vivo’s latest press release, in support of the hopes of a launch commercial for the second quarter. Presumably, both in OEM’s homeland and in certain international markets.

Developed by the “Human Interface Revolution” accessory, Synaptics, which will probably remember the previous excitement of the Galaxy S8 last year, the new biometric sensor integrated into the screen “offers a more convenient operation without losing the elegant and unified design” of a smart device.
It is no longer necessary to analyze whether a fingerprint reader should occupy a valuable space on the front or back of a smartphone, closer or further away from the camera. Clearly, “Infinity display” smartphones are the future, and this breakthrough could help Vivo and many others to realize truly infinity display smartphone designs.

Presented as “fast and secure”, both for the unlocking of devices and for the authentication of mobile payments, the fingerprint scanning technology on the screen is invisible to the naked eye, even if a graphic interface is displayed on the screen. Vivo’s smartphone in “any scenario that recognizes fingerprint recognition.” “In this way, you will know where to press on the screen so that your fingerprint can be recognized, after which the animation will disappear and reappear when necessary.

Truly this is a revolutionary invention and many other manufacturers will be implementing this technology to build a gorgeous infinity display smartphone.

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